About Company

Viridian Water Systems is a fully integrated Water Purification and Deionization Treatment Company. Having more than 25 years of Industrial and Commercial Water Deionization experience, Viridian is the true Industrial expert. With large-scale manufacturing plants, automotive metal finishers, chemical synthesizers and cosmetic manufacturing in our project portfolio, you can expect only the highest quality and workmanship.

Most of our Water Treatment Equipment & Products are manufactured in North America, primarily in Canada. We are proud to announce that our Water Deionization Systems are manufactured in-house and are built to produce quality results. Viridian Water Systems has time and again, confidently achieved the Industry’s most rigorous standards when it comes to the purity of water.

Our small, yet expertly skilled team of Water Treatment Professionals is capable of taking on projects of a grand nature. From systems as small as 0.5 GPM to over 100 GPM, Viridian Water Systems is an Industry trusted Company with respect to providing the right expertise for the job.