Deionized and Reverse Osmosis Water for companies in Whitby, Ontario

Many commercial & industrial processes call for deionized water. There are a number of applications, especially in the Whitby, Oakville, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo areas, requiring low-conductivity, purified process water and some of them include:

  • powder coating
  • water bottling
  • automotive manufacturing
  • hospitality
  • residency
  • healthcare
  • medical research
  • green housing
  • process control
  • chemical production
  • painting & e-coating applications
  • and many more

Screen-Shot-2015-07-20-at-6.12Viridian Water Systems provides water treatment solutions for a variety of industries and a range of applications. Although most of our water purification and water conditioning projects are completed in Hamilton, London, Windsor & Toronto, we have recently expanded into Whitby, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Guelph, Acton, Rockwood, Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge. Our expertise spans water softening, water deionization, reverse osmosis, chlorine filtration, iron removal, sulphur removal, ultraviolet disinfection, sediment removal & storage solutions. We supply, manage, maintain & provide warranty for:

  • commercial and industrial water deionization systems
  • commercial water softeners
  • ultraviolet disinfection systems (commercial & industrial UV systems)
  • storage tanks (50 – 10, 000+ gallon atmospheric storage tanks)
  • industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems
  • carbon filtration systems
  • sediment filters
  • iron filters
  • manganese and sulphur guards
  • anti-scalants with SpectraGuard chemical injection
  • many other types of water purification and water treatment products

IMG_2411Water purification and deionized water is important for both individuals and businesses operating out of Whitby, Ontario. Pure, high-resistivity, low-conductivity water has countless applications and just as many benefits. Viridian Water Systems is an authorized dealer and distributor of water treatment products throughout Ontario. We complement our manufacturers’ products with parts & labour warranties. Viridian Water Systems also enters into preventative maintenance contracts with commercial and industrial businesses to ensure optimal performance of all aspects of the water purification or treatment set up.

Whitby, Ontario – Facts you may not know:

  • Town of Whitby was named after the seaport town of Whitby, Yorkshire, England
  • “Port Whitby and Port Perry Railway, was constructed from Whitby harbour to Port Perry in 1870s
  • Whitby is also the site of a private girls’ school founded in 1874 called ‘Trafalgar Castle School’

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